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Issue 1.1 now available!

It’s here!  The inaugural issue of Hartskill Review is now in print! It features the work of Jeffrey Alfier, Franklin Babrove, Les Bernstein, Kelly Cherry, Joan Colby, Anne Colwell, Wende Crow, Michael Dittman, William Doreski, Neil Ellman, Thomas Erickson, John Grey, David M. Harris, Scott Honeycutt, Jane Hoogestraat, Nicole Johns, Cambria Jones, Whittney Jones, Ashton Kamburoff, Haley Lasche, Mercedes Lawry, Kendra Leonard, Issa M. Lewis, Duane Locke, Ricki Mandeville, Corey Mesler, Caridad Moro, Quintin Overocker, Roger Pfingston, David Nelson Pollock, Diane Raptosh, William Reichard, Steve Roberts, Anne Lovering Rounds, Don Russ, Penelope Schott, Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Marianne Taylor, Caitlin Thomson, Nahum N. Welang, and Pier Wright. The cover photograph is by Tracy van Eijl.

Front Cover Capture

You can find more detail about how to order a copy on the Issues page.

If you are a contributor, your copy will be in the mail soon!  Thanks go out to all the talented people who made this publication possible!



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