Autumn 2015 Issue Now Available!

The Autumn 2015 issue of Hartskill Review is now available! It features poetry by Wayne-Daniel Berard, Larry Blazek, Susanna Brougham, Matt Dube, Kenan Ince, Seth Jani, Elizabeth Kerlikowske, Marla Melito, Tracy Mishkin, Rachel Nelson, Rodney Nelson, Claire Scott, H. Wallis, Evan D. Williams, Sally Zakariya, and A. R. Zarif. The cover art is by Greg Lind.

Autumn 2015 Cover

Contributor copies will be in the mail shortly. Thanks to all the talented people who made this issue possible.  Special thanks go out to my mom, Sharon Lind, who helped solve several thorny formatting issues!

The issue can be ordered for $4.99 here.

More detail about other issues can be found on the Issues page.

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