UPDATE: As of February 2018, Hartskill Review has ceased publication.

Hartskill Review is dedicated to publishing contemporary poetry crafted with thoughtfulness and care. It also contains reviews of poetry collections and chapbooks. It comes out two times per year (May and December).

Hartskill Review is edited by Joshua Hjalmer Lind and published by ThrewLine Books.

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3 responses to “About

  1. Patricia Goodman

    Dear Joshua,

    I would like to express my thanks for your honest and accurate review of my book “Closer to the Ground”. I think you nailed it. I love that you appreciate my use of Emily Dickinson, but I am especially grateful for your constructive comments, which I have taken to heart. I still consider myself a novice, and am eager to learn. What an opportunity this is – to learn from an editor such as you, through both your negative and positive reactions. As I go forward and continue to grow as a poet, I will thank you many times.

    Patricia Goodman

  2. cjmesler

    The Spring issue is beautiful and full of great writing. I am always happy to share space with Kelly Cherry. Thanks for having me on board.
    Corey Mesler

  3. Wayne-Daniel Berard

    I recently submitted these poems to Hartskill Review: leaving lascaux, kingdom, and 3 times. 3 times, has just been accepted elsewhere. I wanted to inform you of this; the other poems are still available.

    Thank you.


    Wayne-Daniel Berard

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